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Investment Approach

What We Invest In:

Well managed companies with a proven, consistent track record and top notch corporate governance. These companies are large cap and liquid stocks. We do not believe in holding illiquid stocks where prices can get impacted with entry/exit or can be manipulated.

Focused Strategy:

Fund invests into companies and sectors which are clear beneficiaries of upsurge in consumer spending given the young Indian demographics. This also means fund focuses only on about 65% of the overall economy and market.

Capital Appreciation:

We invest in companies which are market leaders in their categories and can compound earnings at > 20% over the medium to long-term with a great deal of certainty. Such companies also have high returns on capital.

Portfolio Construction:

Fund invests in a concentrated portfolio of deeply researched 15-20 stocks. Thus the fund has a low turnover and a low expense ratio. This strategy is eminently suitable for managed accounts as well.

Stock Selection:

Stock selection is based on thorough bottom-up company analysis including regular meetings with managements and building proprietary financial models and continued diligence on investee companies.

Timing of Investment:

While stocks are identified from a longer term perspective, timing of addition and reduction of position involves a great deal of patience, understanding of market conditions and experience. Investment team’s deep and varied experience helps in taking right decisions wisely.

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